Ed’s staff

Who’s at?

Rayan. Rayan grew up in one of South Africa’s gated communities. He was a competitive martial arts pro back in the days. We met his mom recently. Just saying…

Ed’s maker

Who DID that?

Rich. Presuming Ed’s started in that man’s head so that’s kinda naf said… 

Ed’s coffee makers

Whose coffee?

There is a solid Greek presence at Ed’s and Konstantina is the official spread-the-love-through-smiles-and-coffee specialist. She doesn’t like having her picture taken so follow the purple balloon hm… cloud? 

Ed’s best people


That man renders us speechless (and a little embarrassed whenever we see him roam the streets of Brighton without a jacket while we shake like it’s – 20 C). He is a writer, entrepreneur and let’s be honest, a much better human than most of us.

Ed’s benchers

Who’s here?

Tim entertaining Rosie. Tim is our space creative human (as in gets stuff done in our space, like moving bars and building beautiful bespoke furniture). Rosie is a party planner and year-around Brighton persona. Seen here hanging out because of beer.

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