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I guess this is where we describe our business... and that's where it gets difficult! Although we've been around since 2015, we don't think there's one thing that can describe what Ed's is. Yes, we serve (boozy) coffee, and drinks (also boozy), and food (yummy), but we are so much more than that, and we do it well! We are a meeting space, a home away from home for some, a place to be productive for others. You can come drink with us, celebrate life, lounge in the garden, do yoga upstairs, look at our art and colourful interior, come to one of our parties - there's something for everyone. Named after a character in the 1987 cult classic Withnail and I, we provide a space in which it doesn't matter who you are or which challenges and successes life throws your way - you're always welcome with us. Of course, we would love to invite you to come watch our favourite film in our Secret Cinema Club, and see if you recognise some of  the characters scattered around the cafe (hint: Presuming Ed watches over all of us). 


We are really a community beyond customers - you'll come have your first drink someday and never leave. Rumour has it some of our regulars only go home to sleep. You can come in for a chat with our team (and stay around for way longer than anticipated), or sit down meeting friends, bring your dogs, or kids, or both. Some of us come into Ed's in the morning and leave only when we flip the 'open' sign around - you know who you are ;-).


Our vibrant community is what makes our space work and we are continuously looking to grow Ed's family! So what are you waiting for? 


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114 London road
Brighton bn1 4jg

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